Eyecon made in Italy

Designed by Michele Rovère

Discretion, quality and craftsmanship are the key points on which Eyecon was founded.


The sensitivity of the Maison is refined, sensual and personal, designed for a sophisticated and self confident customer.

Each Eyecon collection shows its own passion for craftsmanship.

Eyecon is characterized by the exclusivity and the very high quality of the manufacture, innovative design, contemporary functionality and the best quality of the materials.

The collections are entirely produced in Veneto, region in the Northeast of Italy, according to the real “handmade in Italy”, for this reason each frame is unique, created to be a tailored suit and each customer can proudly show this uniqueness.

All our glasses are accompanied by a certificate that guarantees the authenticity of the product and certifies the high quality of materials and labor. Small imperfections are not to be considered weaknesses, but strengths, as tangible signs of the manual execution.